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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  November 22, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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ignored by tsa screeners when he tried to explain his medical condition. earlier this month tom sawyer was going through security at detroit metropolitan airport when tsa officials took him to a private room to pat him down. that is when the 61-year-old said he tried to explain he had a medical condition as a bladder cancer survivor. he's been using a bag attached to his kidneys to go to the bathroom since surgery three years ago. despite the warning tom says the tsa officials proceeded as if they didn't hear him and swiped his bag that was filled with urine. sawyer says he was mortified. >> this was so embarrassing and humiliating. i wasn't prepared. i don't think anybody is prepared to have it happen at an airport or large building. i didn't have time to do what i needed to, the plane was going to go. >> he's filed a formal complaint but hasn't heard back from tsa officials. this is really the busiest travel time. you can bet these screenings are top on the minds of people
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heading to the airport. roosevelt leftwich is live at bwi marshall with reaction. >> reporter: authorities at bwi marshall say they expect a pretty normal long thanksgiving weekend and that means long lines through security plus a busy terminal and pretty good experience for most passengers. however, most travelers say flying these days is going to get a little more intrusive. it just gives some people the creeps knowing there's somebody looking at your private bits through your clothes. images blurred but still some say it's like having someone people through your -- peep through your window. the only alternative, an aggressive patdown, even more intrusive. for annaer fromma, it's trading one bad choice for another. >> i will not go through the scan for the radiation. it's quite unhealthy. >> reporter: you opt for the patdown? >> yes.
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i feel very uncomfortable. >> reporter: in fact, the radiation scared her more so when it came time to go through she took the patdown. that for her is just as icky. for many passengers the new levels of security are overkill. they feel scanners won't detect the types of things that the shoe bomber and underwear bomber smuggled aboard their flights. though there's a movement to try to slow things down this thanksgiving travel weekend many passengers say that would cause more harm than good. if a scan keeps their plane from crashing they are all for it. >> i have nothing to hide. i guess people who have to hide something, they have to worry. whatever it takes, whatever it takes, to be secured. >> reporter: the tsa didn't return calls to comment today. bwi marshall refers all security issues to the tsa. overall the airport does say they expect a big travel weekend to be big with daily crowds from wednesday through sunday, possibly topping 70,000 or more each day.
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>> the airlines have flights for november as well as for the thanksgiving travel period itself. so we do expect to see some -- a busy period but we also expect it to move smoothly. >> reporter: for the airport and airlines, they won't see anna ferrera any time soon. she'll take the long way from oregon next time. >> they put your hands on your body it makes me feel uncomfortable. >> reporter: will it keep you from flying again, do you think? >> i always hated flying. >> reporter: what is the best thick you can do as a traveler? according to bwi marshall, the same thing you can do any time you come to the airport, get here early, get here early enough that you can handle the crowds in case there's some kind of slowdowns because of people going, opting for the more personal search, the patdown search as opposed to going through the scanner. they say to make sure you're here early so your travel is a lot easier for you this time around. reporting live, roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news.
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>> the tsa says it's adjusting procedures but you probably won't see much change before the thanksgiving holiday is over. just a heads up, you're likely to run into a grassroots protest movement that wants to make a point over these security screenings. they are urging passengers to opt out of body scans, forcing screeners to do the more time-consuming patdowns. but travel experts say most holiday travels will put up with the extra attention. how do you feel about this week's security protest? we posted this story on facebook. kathy duncan writes in and says it's plain stupid. safety first no matter the cost. grow up, protesters. one says "if it did any real good i would deal with it. maybe our tsa has to get together with israel's security forces. they have the system down pat without a patdown."
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for more on the national opt out day and how it can affect your thanksgiving travel just head to our web site at click on the national tab. weatherwise today, definitely looking at a nice start to the weekend here and in fact i want to take a look, not just at the forecast page we have up but rather maryland's most powerful doppler radar. as you see this, clear skies now over the state and we expect that to hold off but more active weather pattern developing across the east coast and that is going to signal some rain chances as we go through the day 20e78 and much colder day due toward the end of the week. now, mild. 57 in annapolis, 55 frederick. this evening, 60s with a few clouds. and fairly mild weather on tap for us through the rest of the night but pretty quiet. we'll talk about the rain due in tomorrow.
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when that clears and our shot of very cold weather coming up for the thanksgiving weekend, coming up. baltimore police say there's a possibility that connection officer jones was murdered -- correction officer jones was murdered as part of a dispute. detectives believe jones was murdered by someone she knew but police have yet to locate that person of interest. now, the department of public safety and correctional services issued this statement saying today -- we have reached out to jones' immediate family to provide any support following their loss." the division also has grief counselors on site to offer assistance to fellow officers and co-workers. tonight, baltimore city police need your help trying to tack down a suspect who robbed an 85-year-old man. police say this man in this
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surveillance video robbed a man as he was walking into his home on east lafayette street november 3rd. according to police the suspect came up behind him, choked him and robbed him. the 85-year-old wasn't seriously hurt but anyone with information should call baltimore city police, 410-396-2433. all new at 5:00 -- after four days of deliberations, the jury found a salvadoran immigrant guilty in the 2001 murder of washington intern chandra levy. ingmar gwandique was convicted on two counts of first degree murder, prosecutors acknowledged they had little direct evidence against him but said levy's death followed the pattern of other crimes committed by ingmar gwandique in the park. sentencing is in february, faces a minimum of 30 in prison. max is life. st. louis overtook camden, new jersey, as the nation's most dangerous city in 2009. the study finds they have 2,000
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crimes for every 100,000 residents. detroit, michigan and oakland, california rounded out the top five. baltimore was number 11. the safest city with more than 75,000 residents was colony, new york. mayor stephanopoulos stef -- stephanie rawlings, blake and alonzo are making sure that students are working in a safe environment. a new task force was announced today. jamie costello has details. >> reporter: the schools are the oldest in the state. we need to come up with ways to find money for renovations and maybe even build new schools. how? this task force is a who's who in the baltimore finance world, they are to come up with ways and ideas to find $1.5 million to update conditions and another $1.3 million to renovate. we're talking about schools without air, no heat and more.
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>> when kids have high quality facilities they do better, they want to come to school, and they want to stay in school. school facilities also affect the district's ability to retain high-quality teachers. when we have competitive facilities we can keep and retain quality teachers. >> this new task force is going to explore financial and legislative options, all are going to be on the table. the task force is expected to make its recommendations by february. jamie costello, abc2 news. >> thank you. tonight baltimore families continue to pick up the pieces after that tornado ripped through their neighborhood and tore their homes apart. many have little money, no renters insurance. their struggle to regroup, at 5:30. plus, we worry about our children drinking or smoking pot but now add on another worry, details on the new high-tech for their high. and, the fda says cough medicine for kids is part of the problem instead of the solution. how cutting out the cough syrup
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can also cut out sickness. the severe weather is the big the downed power lines. this tree top we valley in new york and new england, there's ♪ ♪
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all right parents, when you invade your kids' room tonight, your teens you're looking for the normal stuff like beer, booze, pot, head phones. just when you think you're a step ahead of them they may be trying another high. abc2 news joce sterman tells us about i-dosing. >> reporter: you've had concerns about out of control keg parties and worried about your child smoking weed but it seems some kids these days are ditching the familiar vices, going more high-tech for their high. >> it's similar to 3d for the ears. >> reporter: dr. tricia king, a neurologist with the university of maryland medical center is talking about i-dosing. a new fad that has kids downloading music made from droning noises.
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>> i-dosing is designed to work through soundtracks that arening feared to -- are engineered to have slightly different frequencies between the right and left ear. >> reporter: jewel find clips on -- you'll find clips on youtube with kids turning up the volume to get that digital high, claiming they can feel the same rush as taking real drugs like marijuana, cocaine or acid. >> it's a beautiful outfit there. >> reporter: are these kids just hooked on hype? dr. king has extensively studied the brain. she says it's unlikely this kind of beep could bring a legitimate reaction. >> it can produce a state of relaxation and enjoyment. and as far as getting a state of euphoria high, that may be more related to the power of suggestion. >> reporter: king says i-dosing probably won't cause any more physical harm than simply listening to any music in your head phones but says it should sound alarms for parents
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because it may be a sign your kid is testing the waters for another kind of trip. >> they are hoping to get a certain effect and don'ts get it from this, that may push them to try something more dangerous. >> reporter: more dangerous than dosing on internet downloads, that may be more bunk than buzz. >> as far as real dangers from i-dosing dr. king says for a very small group of people this kind of music could trigger a seizure but it's unlikely. she says the bigger concern is this become aggregateway to actual drug use. keep an eye on what your kids are downloading and talk with your kids. a perfect weekend. >> a fall classic we'll call it. >> great football weather. >> had a good time at landover. >> race in annapolis.
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>> good weather. i heard you were freezing there that morning. >> we warmed up. >> milder today though. really, i think tomorrow will be a very mild day. then we're going to cool off wednesday and weather gets much more active into the weekend. >> people travel. >> sunset awfully early. before 4:50 tonight. i think it's 4:48. 61 now for an air temperature. that is pretty mild. winds light out of the stuff at 3 miles per hour. our weathernet cameras across the state capturing a generally sunny bright day. we did have morning cloud cover, shadows get pretty long pretty quick but before that happened we had some bright sunshine in the park today. you need the sunglasses there. last but not least, dc, foggy early, a little misty, but then the sunshine burns through quite nicely. gusts of wind minimal today. we saw peak winds around ellicott city, 15 reisterstown.
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16town 11. most of us seeing light breezes today. winds pick up a little and the chance for rain around, winds relatively calm now. temperatures mild, 61 bwi marshall but 59 easton. 58 hagerstown. 60 winchester. highs running around 60 to 62. look off to the north and west, we had 67 in winchester. that was pretty warm. and the satellite trend bringing a few clouds at times, generally speaking rain-free. rain-free will not probably last until tomorrow this time though because we are watching some developing showers out here to the west. as brighter cloud tops here indicating pretty decent rains coming down. two areas of low pressure, one to the north. this one likely to bring in the showers tomorrow. mild air will keep blowing in. so we're well into the mid-60s, we think tomorrow even with rain at times. so won't be that cold november rain. in fact look how mild the temperatures have surged across the southeast right now.
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well into the mid-70s. places like nashville and cincinnati. back here at home looking for, again, the approaching rain to begin to move in as we go into the day tomorrow. this is 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, still generally clear start to the day but the chance of showers for your evening commute. factor that into your plans, and behind the showers cooler air will funnel in for wednesday. wednesday will be sunny but it will feel cooler out there and weather across the country gets very active wednesday, not so much in maryland but for fliers it could be problematic wednesday into thursday. overnight tonight, 48, clouds on the increase, patchy fog possible. 68 tomorrow, be a bit milder but afternoon showers a good bet. tomorrow night a lingering patch or two of drizzle but other than that, variably cloudy, breezy and colder, down to 40. the trend will be for chillier weather into the thanksgiving holiday. thursday night into friday could be some snow flurries out in western maryland. cold rains though on and off in the baltimore area through early saturday.
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>> thank you. in tonight's "health alert" -- three years ago the food and drug administration asked makers of nonprescription infant cough and cold medications to just pull it off the shelf, little ones were getting sick from the side effects. a new study finds that taking the medicine off the shelves made a difference. nanette sosa explains. >> reporter: in 2000 seven the fda asked -- 2007 the fda asked for a voluntary withdrawal for cough and cold medicines for children under 2, the concern was misuse by parents was causing accidental overdoses. now, according to a new study published in a recent issue of pediatrics and conducted by the centers for disease control and prevention the number of visits to emergency rooms among children younger than 2 due to adverse events from cough and cold medicines dropped significantly after the withdrawal. researchers looked at a large database that noted emergency room visits in children younger than 12 caused by taking cough and cold medicine.
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the is that at this timics were -- statistics were taken 14 months before and 15 months after the withdrawal announcement. overall, the number of emergency department visits remained pretty much the same in older children the number of visits was reduced 50% in children under age 2. both before and after the product withdrawal about 2/3 of all er visits for cold and cough medicines were as a result of these children ingesting the medicines unsupervised. if you're looking for a gift for a little kid or a big kid, gaming systems or video games could be the way to go. we know what they want. this season's top games and gadgets. and, a pastor who called for his fellow parishioners to drop facebook offered to step down. more on the statements and news about the preacher's past that led to the big controversy.
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>> tonight on world news, a frightening new drug that almost any teen can buy. potentially deadly, it's legal. ♪
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the highly popular video gaming industry is getting new games, gadgetry and hardware for the holiday season. abc2 news paul jaffy looks at the latest trends in tonight's "take 5" >> reporter: with new games and systems coming out seemingly everyday the consumer has many options for the holiday season. we talked to travis martin from best buy in whitemarsh about some of the more popular possibilities to consider. >> basically this is the x box kinect. it's going to be one of the hottest items this holiday season. it turns your x box into a complete motion gaming system and it's all hands-free. you play the game with your entire body, it tracks your feet, hands, head.
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lots of different games available for it already. >> reporter: for that he is that enjoy the controller, playstation has a new entry for the holidays. this is a playstation moo. it's basically sony's answer to the new motion gaming community that is out now. it's very accurate, sensitive and overall a lot of fun. >> reporter: action games remain a top sell they are year with -- seller this year, with see -- see quells, one of the most successful is call of duty black ops. the first day alone they sold i believe 5.6 million copies and it's already one of the best-selling games of all time if not the best selling game of all time. it's a war shooter, there's a lot of war shooters but not all of them get as much hype as this game has gotten. >> reporter: workout games are a hot item again this year as are 3d compatible games as more and more people are accepting that technology on
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the small screen. >> now they are starting to make games that are compatible with 3d tvs. and now that 3d tvs have come down in price over the past, maybe several months or so. >> reporter: of course, there are many titles for children available in the pc format. martin says these are popular because of their ease of use with the mouse and keyboard. he adds another category of games popular on the pc. >> a lot of the more popular types of pc games, besides shooters are, like, the strategy-type games where you command units and baitalians and things like that. >> reporter: with these choices and more there are gaming options available for all ages for the holidays. in whitemarsh, paul jaffy, abc2 news. >> that christmas gift list getting long. two local churches team up to make this holiday season brighter for those in need. at 5:30, how they are giving back to a baltimore community.
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the recovery continues for victims of a tornado that devastated apartment complexes in northeast baltimore. good evening, i'm kelly swoope. over the weekend chainsaw crews, builders, insurance company representatives all descended upon the dutch village apartments. as abc2 news jeff hager reports they found victims determined to get back on their feet following the disaster. >> reporter: many are still gathering up their possessions five days after the tornado ripped through their apartment complex. others lost almost everything they owned. and have no insurance to replace it. >> they are cancelling -- in november. there's pretty much nothing you can do about it. >> reporter: no notice? >> they said they did.


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